Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

The Hydrotech® reverse osmosis drinking water system combines sediment and carbon filtration with reverse osmosis technology to create effective water treatment for the point-of-use. Manufactured with NSF® approved plastics and the finest material available, each system is 100% tested, sanitized and hermetically sealed. The Hydrotech® reverse osmosis drinking water system is equipped with the patented Smartap® water quality monitor which compares the feed water to the product water and accurately indicates membrane performance with each draw of the water from the Faucet Smartap. This leading edge technology brings integrity and credibility by means of continuous accuracy.

Each Hydrotech® reverse osmosis system is backed by a two year limited warranty.

The Smartap® water quality monitor is backed by a five year warranty.

All Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered for EZ installation and maintenance.

Aquafier Multi-Stage Carbon Filtration Drinking Water Systems

The Aquafier® multi-stage carbon filtration drinking water system use advanced technology for effective water treatment at the point-of-use. Each Aquafier® equipped with the Faucet SmartapTM Water Flow Monitor indicates filter cartridge status by measuring the volume of water that is dispensed through the system. A green light indicates that the drinking water system is functioning normally. A yellow light indicates that the filters are nearing useful capacity and should be replaced. A patented one piece, injection molded manifold reduces several external fittings where leaks can occur. The Aquafier® systems are rated for effectively reducing turbidity and filterable cysts, including cryptosporidium and giadia. Chemical Reduction performance includes 1750 gallons of Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) reduction and 1750 gallons of lead and chlorine reduction when used with the monitor.

The Aquafier® drinking water system is backed by a limited two year warranty.