Magnetic Water Conditioner for Home, Pool, Spa, & Koi Ponds

Aqua Magazine Article

    September 1993

    Tech Notes

    Magnetized II
    More alluring facts about treating water with magnets.

    By Dr. Klaus J Kronenberg

    (Editor's note: This is the second part of a two-part Tech Notes column on the science behind treating pool water with magnets. The first part appeared in August).

    Article Exerpts:

    "Hard lime scale forms wherever tap water evaporates or is heated. While it may not be noticeable for a long time, there are commercial appliances that show a white deposit after only a few days of use."

    Using Magnets:

    "Fortunately, a well designed magnetic treatment device will prevent such deposits from developing, as long as its sized for the maximum water flow capability of the particular plumbing system".....

    "Recently, a pool builder inspected my 30-year-old pool, which has been fitted with a simple magnetic water treatment device that is clamped on one of the lines between the pump and the filter. He was astonished to feel not a trace of roughness on the waterline tiles and he could hardly believe that we did nothing to clean the tiles since last summer"......

    "Corrosion prevention is another benefit of magnetic water treatment. Periodic acid washing of a pool is one of the main reasons for the metal corrosion. In some cases, after long periods between acid washings, the hard deposits may cover up some weak spots, which turn into leaks when the deposits are dissolved by the next acid wash. Because magnetic water treatment makes acid washes unnecessary, a major cause of corrosive damage is eliminated".

    "Also, after a long period of magnetic water treatment, the interior of pipes becomes covered with a thin, continuous coating. This layer does not change over the years. Analyzed by a number of scientific institutes, it has been determined to be a corrosion-preventing, inert substance. In one case, it was found to be aluminum silicate".

    Other Effects

    "One of the most obvious effects of magnetic water treatment is the enhanced ability of most cleaning chemicals and detergents. Magnetically treated water increases their effectiveness to the point where just one-third or even one-fourth of the cleaning agent is needed. In cases of naturally contaminated water from lakes, an intense magnetic treatment has made the lake water fit for human consumption".

    "Magnetically treated water runs off a cleaned surface faster and in thinner sheets because surface tension is reduced. As a result, one sees fewer water spots from drying. This has been applied successfully for the watering of decorative plants by sprinklers".

    "The accelerated growth of plants by the use of magnetically treated water is possible because the root tips secrete enzymes that dissolve crystals in the ground, enabling the roots to ingest the dissolved minerals".........

    Dr. Klaus J. Kronenberg is a world-renowned physicist specializing in the study of permanent magnets.